12 Days of Solutions – The Penny Plan

Washington is at it again. They’re talking about ways to take more of your money to pay for Congress’ inability to actually be fiscally responsible.

Unfortunately for the establishment politicians leading our country to ruin, there exist plans that would actually do a great deal of good for the country. Over the next 12 days, Tea Party Patriots will be discussing 12 of them, and asking you to call your Congressman to ask him or her to support each plan.

The first plan is the Penny Plan. Introduced in 2011, it aims to balance the budget by 2018 by cutting one penny in non-interest federal outlays from each dollar the government spends. Rather than cut from expected spending, the Penny Plan cuts from today’s spending. It also aims to cap spending at 18% of GDP, which is at least one-quarter less than today’s spending levels.

The plan is spelled out in more detail on our website, but you get the idea. Real cuts. Unlike the “cuts” in discussion on Capitol Hill.

Of course, we know that the establishment in Washington will take a plan as simple as this seriously. As the “fiscal cliff” looms we will see them agree to a bad deal that raises taxes and increases spending which will surely have a devastating affect on the economy, inflating prices for everyday consumers and increasing the number of people who are unemployed. So, in the unlikely event that Washington will prove us wrong, we DARE them to take up the Penny Plan and actually make real cuts in spending.

Call your Member of Congress. Let him or her know that Speaker Boehner should present the Penny Plan to President Obama instead of raising your taxes.


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