VP Debate: Biden’s Bad-Mannered Buffoonery Blows It, Ryan Resolute

With his derisive laughter, zombie eye-rolling, feigned incredulity, exaggerated theatrical gestures, continual interruptions, and over-all condescension, Vice Presidential smirk monkey Joe Biden negated any gains he hoped to make at last night’s V.P. debate. Biden’s performance sealed the deal for him… as the simpleton from Scranton and America’s permanent political huckster. Debate moderator, ABC’s Martha Raddatz, failed to control all-show Joe and left many yearning for Jim Lehrer.

Although GOP Vice Presidential candidate 42-year-old Rep Paul Ryan is 27 years younger than 69-year-old Biden, he was resolute, reassuring, and ready to take on the smart-aleck. Ryan was clearly the adult seated at the debate desk in Danville.

Polls from CNBC and CNN revealed Ryan won.

Here’s just a sampling of Twitterverse take-aways (comments from FOX News contributors are at end of article):

[POLL RESULTS] Who do you think won the VP Debate? Paul Ryan: 56%, Joe Biden: 36%, Neither: 8%.




Check out our CNN Poll on debate winner: Ryan 48%, Biden 44%. on.cnn.com/SVefVK Do you agree?


Biden doing best imitation of Al Gore 00. Snickers, grimaces, and exaggerated gestures.


Biden: Catholic doctrine says we have to take care of the needy. That’s why I want to raise taxes but not give to charity myself.


Trouble is, I don’t think this is a good subject to be lethally smirking about. Keep it serious, Joe….


Ryan: “If Catholic Church agreed with you, why do they keep suing you?”


Apparently raising your voice & pounding the table is what Grimacing Joe does when cornered.


Biden’s smirking teeth are beginning to strobe through my TV screen. Disturbing.


Ryan just schooled Biden on Syria and the administration’s reckless foreign policy.


Biden and Obama are circus clowns. One has such contempt he wouldn’t even engage & this fool is behaving like laughing hyena. Shameful.


Ryan’s right. There aren’t enough rich people to finance big government. The middle class is the target. danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/mor…


Biden just said no Catholic institution has to pay for contraception coverage?  What planet does he live on?


Joe, seriously, STOP SMIRKING. This is serious stuff. Be Vice-Presidential.


Brit Hume- Smirking, laughing, smiling, mugging by the VP…. I thought it was unattractive and rude.


How can anyone look at Biden’s stupid grin and then call game show hosts cheesy?




Biden: I mean what I say? Like “they’ll put you back in chains.”


Someone make Biden stop doing that baby monkey fear grimace.


Biden said something totally untrue–Romney’s brief press Conf was hours AFTER STEVENS DEATH REPORTED.


‘s response: came into a difficult situation but “this is not what a real recovery looks like” 

Paul Ryan is the kid solving calculus problems on the blackboard. Joe Biden is the kid making fart sounds in the back of the room


Ryan making true and awesome point:  if you confiscated every penny owned by every millionaire, wouldnt pay off debt


Biden has completely lost his mind.  This isn’t fighting back.  This is drunk flailing.


“That’s what we get in this administration- speeches. We need leadership.” – Paul Ryan


On Fox, Trippi says Biden was “diminished” by the laughing and smirking


Pulled the video on Biden’s Libya remark: “We did not know they wanted more security there.” Contradicts State Dept. buzzfeed.com/rebeccaberg/bi…


Notice Biden only calls China and Russia out as our allies.


Notice how Biden keeps talking about all of our allies except Israel?


Tom Brokaw, on Biden: “I just don’t think you should be laughing during a discussion about thermonuclear war with Iran” @Morning_Joe


Was Chris Matthews Biden’s debate coach?


On mute I see an earnest Paul Ryan sitting next to a laughing jack wagon


How can you have a debate with Paul Ryan in it and virtually ignore debt, deficit and govt spending. 


“a debt crisis is coming…we can’t keep spending like this…we have to tackle this before it tackles us” @PaulRyanVP


Here we go, we killed Osama, no how about Seal Team 6 killed Osama while you sat and watched on TV. Any pres would have taken that shot


I learned that if I shout things over people, Im right. Thanks uncle Joe.


You mean to tell me the Obama/Biden camp spent a week preparing for THIS!?


Ryan now having to debate Martha too

“When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man, the foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest.” -Proverbs 29:9


Al Gore blaming Biden’s debate performance on the dew point.


Reporters slam Biden’s debate giggling… drudge.tw/QgrUTl


The upside of tonight: We never have to watch a Joe Biden debate again.


Wow. “@alaskan: CNN’s David Gergen: “Ryan was more presidential.” … CNN’s Gloria Borger: “Biden was condescending.”


Dear Democrats: When your candidate is referred to as “Odd,” “off-putting,” “manic,” “condescending” & “over-the-top” by MSM, you lost


Congrats to paul ryan. No question who has the temperament and ideas to be a great VP and next in line to be POTUS


@seanhannity Tickle me Biden will be the new hot toy this Christmas.



FOX News’ contributors:

Ed Rollins – Fox News contributor, Republican strategist, former Huckabee presidential campaign manager

President Obama in his debate with Gov. Romney seemed to be missing in action. Vice President Joe Biden should have been. He was rude, talked non-stop and did nothing to further the discussion in a serious way. He was like a Cheshire cat with his inappropriate smile, and it was like a political speech without anybody else in the dialogue.

Paul Ryan was knowledgeable and tried to have a serious discussion on very important issues. Biden insisted on talking over him. …

This ended up like being trapped in a bar next to a know-it-all drunk. Biden wasn’t drinking but he reinforced why he only got 1 % of the vote when he ran for president four years ago.

Ryan made a favorable impression. Biden reinforced the impression that he’s a blowhard! Ryan helped his ticket. Biden hurt his. …

Joe Trippi – Democrat political analyst, former Howard Dean campaign manager, Fox News contributor

Ryan surprised with his grasp of foreign policy… Biden looked confident and in command, but might have come across as condescending at times.

Andrea Tantaros – Co-host of ‘The Five’, columnist for New York Daily News

While Thursday’s vice presidential debate didn’t change the minds of voters in either party, independents and women will only remember Biden’s bizarre behavior — and not in a good way. Vice President Joe Biden lost on style and likely turned off women with his disrespectful, jerky mannerisms. Congressman Paul Ryan was steady and played it safe.

It was a draw on substance. Ryan won on the economy and entitlements. Biden bungled on Libya, but he won on Afghanistan. But as hard as Biden tried to overcompensate for President Obama’s poor performance, the memory of his disaster in Denver wasn’t repaired in Danville.

Dick Morris – Fox News contributor, political commentator, author

I think Biden raises serious questions about his ability to be a heartbeat away from the president. His inappropriate conduct is glaring and will backfire with the American people. He had no dignity or presidentiality.

Chris Wallace - host of FOX News Sunday, blasted Biden’s antics:

[I’ve] never seen anyone be so disrespectful in a presidential or vice presidential debate.

And Wallace said that he’d seen most of them — all but the first four in 1960. He called his demeanor “unprecedented.” “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan tonight,” Wallace said.

He added: “It was openly contemptuous and disrespectful.”


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